Oklahoma City Thunder

Starting 5

PG:Russell Westbrook SG:Terrance Ferguson SF:Paul George PF:Jerami Grant C:Steven Adams

Russell Westbrook Stats

22.9 points per game, 11.1 rebounds per game, 10.7 assists per game. This is the third season in a row westbrook has averaged a triple double. Which is the first time in NBA history


Terrance Ferguson Stats

6.9 points per game, 1.9 rebounds per game, 1.0 assists per game. This is Terrance Ferguson Second season in the NBA.


Paul George Stats

28.0 points per game, 8.2 rebounds per game, 4.1 assists per game. This season Paul George has had career highs in all of these categories.

paul george

Jerami Grant Stats

13.6 points per game, 5.2 rebounds per game, 1.0 assists per game. Grant has also had a career highs in every stat.


Steven Adams Stats

13.9 points per game, 9.5 rebounds per game, 1.6 assists per game.

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